College Scholarships

Each year our club awards ‘Service Above Self’ Scholarships to 4 students, 2 from East Forsyth and 2 from Glenn High Schools.  Criteria includes previous service work, academic achievement, financial need, as well as an essay on the Rotary ‘Service Above Self’ motto.

L-R | (East Forsyth) Madison Joines, Christian Martiin | (Glenn) Katie Weavil, Michelle Ramirez

L-R | (East Forsyth) Madison Joines, Christian Martin | (Glenn) Katie Weavil, Michelle Ramirez

Service Above Self Recipients

Jeff Taylor – Rotary Scholarship Committee Chair | Andrew Tiano – Glenn | Rebecca Walker – Glenn | Shelby Morris – East Forsyth | Katelyn Brooks – East Forsyth


Forsyth Tech Scholarships – Awards two (2) $4000 scholarships each year – two (2) each at East Forsyth and Glenn – for students to obtain an Associates Degree at Forsyth Tech.

Forsyth Tech